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For over 50 years Newmark Furniture continues to serve our clients with a tradition of excellence as a top resource for the finest custom built interiors and custom designed and handcrafted custom furniture, cabinetry, paneling and architectural millwork for any room of your home or office.

A home’s interior speaks volumes about the people who reside there and the teams of professionals who design and create them. Based on an extensive knowledge of architectural history and interior design, and a trained eye for the subtle nuances of ornamental embellishments, period motifs and the latest materials and modern technology, our artisans bring your unique designs to reality.

We are dedicated to maximizing your custom experience from your initial design consultation and cost phase, through fabrication and your ultimate satisfaction.

Every job is approached with passion and expertise to provide work of unsurpassed beauty, function and craftsmanship. Magnificent woods and finishes, timeless designs and impeccable installations exhilarate your senses, while maximizing your space…as well as your investment!

“When you demand the very best, accept nothing less.

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    Newmark wants to share our 50 years of expertise in all areas of custom designed furniture, cabinetry, architectural millwork and interior renovations and place it "at your fingertips"...

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    At Newmark, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide the finest custom experience, and nothing is more important than the initial preparations necessary to bring a project, large...

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    Confidence is 'key' when a client, architect or interior designer selects a company to renovate a home or office, and for fifty years Newmark have built interiors of the...

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    For over 50 years Newmark has maintained the highest level of true, Old World European Craftsmanship by creating the finest custom designed furniture, cabinetry, architectural millwork and exquisite custom...