Why A Fire Table Is Better Than A Fire Pit

Posted on: 21 February 2023

Tables and chairs are essential pieces of furniture to add to any outdoor living space, but it can be fun to browse the products at a patio furniture supplier to see what other things you may wish to buy. One popular option is a fire table, which is essentially a gas-powered fire pit that is built into a table. Fire tables are available in many sizes and styles, so you can find something that matches your other outdoor furniture. This piece of furniture not only adds a cozy look to your outdoor living space, but it can also be a source of warmth and light. If you've thought about building a traditional fire pit and are now considering a fire table instead, here are three reasons that the latter can be a better choice.


When you build a traditional fire pit, it's a permanent fixture in your outdoor living space until you remove it. A fire table, meanwhile, can be desirable because it's portable. Not only can you reposition it in different areas around your patio or deck based on how you're setting up other pieces of furniture, but you can also move it around your yard and beyond. You might enjoy placing it next to your swimming pool during an evening pool party, for example, while putting it on your dock if you have a waterfront property can also be an appealing option.

Less Mess

A lot of people favor fire tables over fire pits because the former isn't messy. A gas-burning fire burns very cleanly and doesn't leave you with any residue that requires cleaning. This isn't the case with a fire pit, in which you burn logs. When the logs burn down, you have to remove the ash and dispose of it. While doing so, it's easy for your hands to get dirty and you may even spill some ash on the patio or deck and need to wash it off.


Although fire tables come in several sizes, they're commonly smaller than most fire pits. This can be ideal if you have a fairly small outdoor living space. A fire pit could take up too much space, leaving the area feeling cramped. With a small fire table, you can enjoy the benefits of this piece of furniture without taking up more space than you want. Visit a patio furniture store to check out its inventory of fire tables.