Protecting Your Office Floors With Chair Mats

Posted on: 19 May 2022

Your office chair can be somewhere you will spend a countless number of hours over the course of the years. Unfortunately, these chairs can be fairly damaging to the floors, and this is the case even for those chairs that are equipped with wheels.

Chair Mats Can Protect Your Floors

To minimize the amount of wear and tear that occurs to the floors where your chairs are located, there are mats that can serve as a barrier between the floor and the chair. These chair mats can be made to be extremely clear so that they will be barely noticeable to those looking into the room or they can be colored and given unique designs to incorporate them into the room. While some individuals may assume that a rug will be able to provide the same benefits, this can make it harder to roll the chair where you are needing it as the carpet will not be as smooth as the mat. Additionally, fibers from the rug can get worked into the wheels of the chair where they may cause them to become jammed.

Chair Mats Are Designed To Resist Shifting Positions

Some individuals may assume that a smooth chair mat will be able to easily slide across the floor or to otherwise shift positions. This could lead to the chair mat needing to be regularly readjusted so that it will stay in the correct place. Fortunately, many chair mats are designed with a tactile base that can allow them to better hold onto the floors. This will prevent the chair mats from moving or shifting in response to the chair moving or rolling over its surface. For those with hardwood, epoxy or other smooth flooring options, this can be an especially useful feature.

The Size Of The Chair Mat Is An Important Consideration

When you are considering a chair mat to buy, it is important to consider the area where you will be using the chair. More specifically, you will want to be sure that you have a chair mat that can easily cover the entire area where your chair is likely to regularly go. For those with larger offices, this may require bigger or multiple chair mats to be used. Fortunately, these mats come in a range of shapes and sizes, which can make it easy to cover these floors to minimize the wear that the rolling or sliding of the chair causes.