Making a Home Office? 4 Reasons to Get a Solid Wood Stand-Up Desk

Posted on: 21 March 2022

Turning an empty bedroom into an office can give you a place to work from home. While most people may go with a standard desk and chair for their setup, you can take a nonstandard approach. A stand-up desk makes your daily work routine much different compared to others.

Along with committing to a stand-up desk, you can learn about the benefits of a solid wood desk to help you purchase one that will satisfy your needs.


While sitting on a chair at a desk, you will want to take frequent breaks to stretch and walk around. A major benefit of getting a stand-up desk is that you can do stretches while standing and easily walk in place or walk around without any delay. This kind of seamless exercising and stretching will help you stay healthy while working in your home office for hours at a time.

Standing is a reliable way to burn more calories compared to sitting down. While it depends on several factors, you can expect to burn anywhere from 100 to 200 calories each hour.


Whether you stand up or sit in a chair, you can have good posture. However, you may find it easier to develop and maintain good posture by standing up. The important part is picking a suitable desk and creating a setup that allows you to work productively with optimal posture.

Ideally, you want to avoid needing to bend over or slouch down to look at your monitor and type on your keyboard.


A solid wood desk is beneficial for providing stability. The last thing you want to happen is your desk moving around while using a keyboard, microphone, mouse, or webcam. A shaky desk can lead to a shaky webcam feed, which can be distracting for anyone to see while video chatting.

While standing up, you may find yourself occasionally leaning on the desk. A solid wood desk will have the stability to support your weight without moving around much or at all.


Although you may plan to spend most of your time standing up, you can find tall barstools that allow you to sit down and use your desk. You will appreciate the ability to sit down on occasion, such as while you are in a video chat or watching something.

Not needing an office chair means saving space in your work area. So even if you are working in a small home office, you will be able to make the room feel open and spacious.

Pick up a solid wood stand-up desk for your home office to enjoy these notable benefits. For more information, reach out to a company like Amish Country Furniture Sales.