Three Additional Tables To Add To Your Outdoor Space

Posted on: 18 February 2022

When you think of a table for your deck or patio, there's a good chance that you picture a large table around which your whole family can sit and eat. This type of table commonly has a hole in the center to hold an umbrella and may be made of plastic, wood, metal, glass, or a combination of these materials. While this table might be the focal point of your outdoor living space, there are a number of other tables that can add functionality to the area. Here are three additional tables that your local outdoor furniture store has available.

Side Tables

Outdoor side tables are available in all sorts of different styles, so you won't have trouble choosing a design that suits your existing furniture. Depending on the size of your patio or deck, you may wish to add a handful of side tables to the space. When someone is seated in an area in which the main table isn't easily within reach, they'll appreciate having a side table to hold their drink. If you're hosting a party and are preparing a lot of food, you might decide to place children's fare on a few side tables so that it's easy for young kids to reach.

Coffee Table

If your outdoor living area is spacious enough, an outdoor coffee table can be a nice addition. Just as in your living room, this piece of furniture has a number of potential uses. People can place drinks on it, you can serve food on it, and it can even serve as a footrest. In addition to their main surface, a lot of outdoor coffee tables have a shelf that is closer to the ground. You can use this shelf for storing various outdoor supplies that you might not always need but that you want handy—citronella candles, for example.

Bar Table

Outdoor bar tables come in several styles, and can be a good piece of furniture to add to a deck or patio that is large. These tables are often designed to accommodate two people, which can add valuable extra space for an outdoor gathering. You can position this piece of furniture so that when you're seated at it, you have a nice view to enjoy. For example, you might set up this table so that you can watch your children play in the backyard while you sit with your laptop in the evening. Learn more about each of these tables by visiting a local outdoor furniture store.