Choices in Bedroom Furniture

Posted on: 11 February 2022

When you are shopping for bedroom furniture, it is your chance to create a bedroom that looks just how you want and that functions in a way that's comfortable and convenient. Read on learn more about some pieces of bedroom furniture you may want to choose.  

The right bed

You have a lot of choices when it comes to the bed you get for your bedroom. Not only do you have choices regarding the size of bed you get, but also the style. Here are some styles of beds you may want to consider: 

  • Frame and headboard bed - Some people prefer to keep things simple. A simple bed you can choose is one that consists of just a frame and a headboard in the style of your choosing. 

  • Poster bed - A poster bed is one that has a vertical column at each corner. The columns can come in many styles including pointed, square, or rounded. These beds can also feature a canopy.

  • Murphy bed - A Murphy bed is a bed that can be folded up into a cabinet or the wall. They are great space savers and good for those times when you would rather have the bed concealed. 

  • Captain's bed - A Captain's bed is a bed that has drawers under the mattress that pull out. The drawers can be used as an additional dresser, or for extra storage space. 

  • Sleigh bed - A sleigh bed has a design that makes it look like a sleigh, with a scrolled headboard and footboard. These beds are still popular today, but were first popularized during the 19th century.

The right dresser

You also have different choices when it comes to the type of dresser you choose to go with. You can choose to go with a vertical chest, which offers you tall and narrow storage. Or, you can opt for a horizontal dresser that is much lower and longer. Some people decide to have both types of dressers in their bedroom. 

The right nightstands

Some people decide to have small tables at the sides of their beds instead of nightstands. This works well for those who just want a space to keep their drink at night. Others decide to go with nightstands that have a drawer and cabinet area. This works out better for people who want to have a space to keep things like their medications, their reading materials, and other things that they would like to have by their bed.

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