Fish Tank Options Ideal for Open Floor Plans

Posted on: 4 February 2022

If your home has an open floor plan, then you have a lot of opportunities and placement options ideal for a beautiful fish tank. While many fish tanks are typically pressed up against walls, you may not have a lot of extra wall space with an open floor plan. Check out some of the fish tank shape options to consider and ways to transform the open space with an aquarium.

Cylinder & Hexagon Shapes

Make a fish tank the focal point of an open floor plan with a cylinder or hexagon-shaped fish tank. Typically housed on a large stand, the vertical tanks create a nice pillar in the room and the aquarium is seen no matter what part of the open floor plan you stand in.

The shaped tanks allow you to add a little natural separation between rooms like a kitchen and living room. The tanks can also add a nice focal point to an entryway before the room expands open. Some of the bigger tanks could expand upward to reach close to the height of the ceiling. You just have to consider ways to feed the fish and access tank parts like the filter.

Quarter Cylinder Shapes

If you have an open corner available in the floor plan, then consider a quarter cylinder tank. The tanks are ideal for corners and will fit nicely into one while offering clear views of the whole tank from multiple angles. Consider adding a tank to each corner of the room to create a unique parallel design.

Clear View Tanks

A large fish tank can still make a floor plan feel open and roomy. Shop for a clear view tank that features no backing and the ability to see through both sides of the tank. Natural light will shine through the tank and the large sizes will add more visuals to an open floor plan. The stand you purchase for the tank could also feature glass elements and windows.

Bull Nose Shape

Another unique shape ideal for an open floor plan is the bullnose shape tank. The tank features a rounded side and a flat side that kind of looks like an oval cut in half. The rounded side adds a nice transitional touch to an open floor plan. Set up the tank in areas like next to a kitchen or near a staircase.

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