Caring For Your Persian Rugs

Posted on: 1 February 2022

A Persian rug can be among the highest quality rugs that you can choose for your home or office. While these rugs are beautiful and durable, they will need to be properly maintained if they are to last for as long as possible. Unfortunately, there are a handful of mistakes that people will make that could damage these rugs or cause them to experience excessive wear.

Using The Incorrect Types Of Cleaning Agents

Cleaning these rugs will be critical for keeping their colors looking their best. Unfortunately, individuals will frequently underestimate the damage that harsh cleaning agents can have. In addition to causing the color of these rugs to fade, harsh cleaning agents can actually degrade the condition of the carpet fibers. As a result, they could suffer significant damage as a result. To avoid the risk of damaging the rug during this important type of care, it can be best to take it to a professional service that offers Persian rug cleaning. These services will be familiar with the amount of care that is needed to thoroughly and safely clean the rug.

Failing To Vacuum The Rug On A Frequent Basis

Vacuuming the rug on a frequent basis is an important type of care that individuals will be able to do on their own. Failing to effectively vacuum the Persian rug on a frequent basis can contribute to dirt and other substances getting worked deep into the fibers where they may be difficult to remove. Large amounts of dirt on the rug can also wear it down as it will be abrasive enough to wear down the fibers of the rug. Vacuuming the rug every few days can remove the dirt before this can be an issue.

Not Using A Rug Mat

Placing a mat under the rug can be another useful step for reducing the wear that it sustains so that it will remain in good condition for as long as possible. These mats can hold the rug in place so that it is less prone to sliding on the floor when people are walking on it. In addition to reducing the tendency for the rug to slide out of position, this mat can reduce the wear that the rug experiences on its bottom side. When the rug is able to slide across the floor, it can experience considerable friction on its underside, and this may increase the wear that the fibers of the rug experience.

For more information on Persian rug cleaning, contact a professional near you.