Furniture Liquidation for Business Owners

Posted on: 31 January 2022

A furniture liquidator purchases furnishings from an outside source. Used or new furnishings may be sought after. The furnishings are then placed within the liquidator's inventory. A liquidator will sell the inventory to their customers. If you will be downsizing, relocating, or starting up a business, consider how an office furniture liquidator may support your plans.


A liquidator may purchase furnishings from a manufacturer or business owner who has filed bankruptcy. They may also seek items from estate sales or from a seller who has recently relocated. If a liquidator is interested in purchasing used furnishings, they may have some criteria that the pieces must meet.

For instance, a liquidator may seek furniture that is damage-free and that they will potentially be able to 'flip' quickly. A liquidator may also seek new furniture pieces. A company that is discontinuing a line of furnishings may sell furniture to liquidators at wholesale prices. Unloading items will allow a business owner to make room for new furnishings. The new furnishings that have been discontinued will be in perfect condition. This type of furniture may be functional and attractive.

Downsizing or Relocating

Downsizing a business may happen if sales have plummeted and the amount of revenue that you take in each month does not satisfy your payroll and additional company costs. Selling furniture that you no longer need can increase your cashflow and help your business regain its traction. Selling all of the unneeded furniture to a liquidator will allow you to quickly unload the items, without needing to advertise or wait for someone to come to you.

Relocating your business may be desired if your company has been growing consistently and will require a larger building to operate from. Instead of transporting excess furniture, you can sell it to a liquidator. Getting rid of used items will make it possible for you to purchase new items for your new business location. 

Starting a Business

If you are going to start a new business, but currently only have access to an empty building to operate from, you will need to furnish the building. Business costs that you incur may make it impractical to purchase brand new furniture.

Obtaining some office furnishings through a liquidator is an alternative. A liquidator may feature furniture ensembles and individual pieces that will look great in your new work environment, or a liquidator may have a showroom that you can view their inventory in.

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