3 Types of Office Stools to Consider

Posted on: 31 January 2022

There are lots of benefits to adding office stools to your workplace. In a conference room, a few stools kept in the corner can provide extra seating for crowded meetings, while some employees may enjoy this type of seating if they use elevated desks. When you visit an office furniture store that has stools for sale, you'll come across all sorts of designs. These stools tend to be highly comfortable, making them viable for long periods of sitting — unlike barstools that you may have in your home, which can often be uncomfortable. Here are three types of office stools that you may wish to buy.

Short Back and Arms

You might initially think of stools as having no back support or arms, but lots of office stools are designed with these two features. The presence of a short back that provides support for an employee's lower back, as well as arms on each side of the stool, go a long way toward making this piece of furniture more comfortable to sit on. If you expect that you'll have employees who plan to use stools as their primary seating choice — which will likely be the case for those who use elevated desks — you'll want to seriously consider stools that have a back and arms.


It can also be handy if you choose office stools that are equipped with wheels. The presence of wheels will make this type of seating easier to move around, which can be useful in an office environment. You'll typically find that these stools have a large number of caster-style wheels, which makes it easy for the stools to roll on any flooring type and in any direction. If you envision scenarios in which your employees will frequently move stools around — perhaps before and after meetings, for example — you'll want to choose products that have wheels.

Ergonomic Seat

While you'll find lots of office stools that have plush, flat seats, there are other models that are contoured, ergonomic seats. The contours in this type of stool seat increase the comfort, which can make it an ideal seating option for your staff. If you try sitting on this type of stool versus a stool with a plush, flat seat, you may find that the former is more comfortable against your body — even if it doesn't have as much padding as the latter. Choose a selection of office stools at your local office furniture store. Turn to companies like Joseph Offices Interior to learn more.