Vintage Movie Props For Sale: Where Are You Shopping?

Posted on: 25 January 2022

If you need to find vintage movie props for sale so you can stay within budget for your film but still create an authentic set, you might have to get creative about where you buy your things. You can find movie props for a variety of movie sets or you can rent the props you need from a prop house, depending on what suits your needs best. However, buying vintage movie props for sale so you have couches, chairs, tables and other vintage and antique pieces can be useful if you plan on using them often.

You can find props at seemingly unlikely places. Here are more common places you can start to find the vintage movie props for sale you need.

Your local thrift or donation stores

Thrift stores or donation stores that take donations and then sell them to the public can be great places to find vintage movie props for sale. Often, what's donated or for sale in thrift stores are vintage clothing and furniture pieces that have been inherited by people who don't want them. Or, an upgrade has been done to someone's wardrobe or furnishings and they donate what is no longer wanted to stores that resell them.

You're going to find something new every time you go to thrift stores or donation centers, so make this search part of your routine when looking for vintage movie props. You'll find velvet couches, ornate rocking chairs, classic television sets and stands, and other pieces at thrifty prices, which means you can spread your budget out further.

Your local estate sales

Estate sales can be very profitable if you're looking for vintage movie props for sale in sets or that are in great condition. When estate sales are thrown, it typically means the inhabitants of the home have either retired, moved out, or passed away, and the items within the home — from furnishings to jewelry — go up for sale. You can find many vintage movie props for similar prices as you could rent the same items for at a prop house, so it's worth checking all the estate sales in your local area.

Your local storage unit clean-outs

When people no longer pay the fee for their storage units, the owners of these units do a clean-out and sell the contents. You can buy the entire contents of a storage unit without even knowing what's inside. This is part of the fun of buying storage units, and you might walk away with much more than you put in, investment-wise.