Benefits Of Refinishing Old Furniture

Posted on: 24 January 2022

Having the ideal furniture in your home can enhance your home's appearance and increase comfort and your home's value. Nevertheless, furniture is prone to damage like scratching over time due to contact with sharp objects. Likewise, exposure of your furniture to extreme heat may cause a reduction in your furniture's luster. In such cases, you need to refinish your furniture. Here are the pros of refinishing your old furniture.

Enhanced Appearance

Damaged or dull furniture may look unattractive, making the indoors less lively. Fortunately, furniture refinishing can help improve your furniture's appearance by adding a new finish. The process usually involves sanding and staining the damaged parts. Finally, the stained area is sealed and a protective layer is added. This can brighten dull furniture and eliminate any scratches on the surface, restoring beauty.

Increased Resale Value

Maintaining your furniture in good condition is essential, especially if you intend to sell your items in the future. However, note that furnishings with scratches or stains may not entice buyers. Such items may fetch a low price, leading to financial loss. You can increase your furniture's value by refinishing, making your furniture look new. Refinished items can lure buyers who're ready to invest a reasonable amount.


Old furniture with damages may no longer serve the intended purposes, and you may want to get rid of it. For instance, such furniture can make your home look unattractive, and you may not feel comfortable hosting guests indoors. You may want to get replacements when this happens, which may be a costly move. Refinishing can help you save money as you only need to pay the furniture refinishing service and retain your furniture.

Environmental Safety

Creating new furniture is an energy-consuming process characterized by high carbon emissions. These emissions can harm the ozone layer, which contributes to environmental degradation. Restoring your furniture usually makes you utilize old furniture for longer, reducing the demand for new furniture. This means reduced manufacturing of furniture, thus lowering energy use and carbon emissions, protecting the environment.

Increased Longevity

When your furniture begins fading or the surface damage becomes pronounced, these are signs that you need new furniture. But, you can extend your furniture's lifespan by adding a new finish. This adds more years to your old furniture. Also, you get to save your valuable items from quick sales.

Furniture refinishing increases your furniture's lifespan, value, and protects the environment. Additionally, refinishing enhances your furniture's attractiveness. Consider refinishing your furniture items to enjoy these benefits.