Designing A New Bedroom? 3 Tips To Help You Find The Right Furniture

Posted on: 21 January 2022

One of the perks of moving into a new space is that you can redecorate each room in your home. If you are moving into a new house, now is the perfect time to purchase new furniture for the bedroom space and give it a unique feeling.  

The Size of the Room 

The first thing that you will have to take into consideration is the size of the room. You will want to balance the furniture so that it doesn't overwhelm the room. You are also going to need to check for clearance and consider the pathway that any furniture would have to take through the house to get to the bedroom. You want any furniture that you choose to fit in the room. 

For example, with a small ten-by-ten foot bedroom, you are not going to be able to fit a king-size bed, dresser, and nightstands. With a small bedroom, you may want to put a full-size bed and just a dresser. With a large primary bedroom, you may have space for a full bedroom set and a king-size bed. The size of the room will impact the size of the furniture you purchase and how much furniture you purchase for the space. 

What You Need 

Second, you need to consider what you need in the space. If the room has a big walk-in closet, perhaps you don't need two big dressers, nightstands, and an armoire. Maybe you only need one additional dresser and the nightstands. Or perhaps you don't want a dresser at all and just plan on using the walk-in closet.  

Think about what you have to store in the bedroom to determine what type of furniture you need. When it comes to storage space, you can get creative. For example, you can use a large storage ottoman at the end of your bed as a space to put blankets and as a place to sit. Or you can add a bench under the window as a reading spot and utilize the storage space within the bench. Think about the type of storage you need and what you need to feel comfortable in the space.  

Your Style 

Finally, when choosing furniture for the bedroom, you will want to consider what your style is. Do you want a contemporary feeling bedroom? Do you want to use light colors, dark colors, or bright colors? Do you want more of a classic feeling, with a big four-poster bed and ornamented furniture?  

Consider what style makes you feel most comfortable and focus on finding furniture in that style. Pay attention to the size of the space and map out where you would put the bedroom furniture before purchasing it to ensure it will fit. Be sure to figure out what type of furniture you need for storing clothing, relaxing, and enjoying your bedroom.